RC Crawlers Around the World
Starting off with mine (Bourno).  This and sequential RC crawlers are the Mk2 version as I would call
them from trials of different motors and speed controllers.  Debuted in the summer of 2007 at IronStock.
Next came Peanuts as I drug out the project for about a year and took the Mk1 version to his BBQ earlier
to make them drool
.  I figured he deserved one of his very own from all the enjoyment I got from
harassing him about me building one.
WormyT became the next proud and excited owner of an RC crawler at her "Make and Take" that she
didn't know about when I stopped by her place during a work trip.
DeadSpider became the next haunter and only Canadian so far ;-) to own one.  We met in Seattle at
Krough's place when I was out in Moses Lake, WA on a different work trip and drove over to spend a late
morning and part afternoon building the crawler and ripping out the hairs of my hands with some flex wax
The basic crawler mechanism was provided by me, but each haunter did their own flair to make each one
their own.
 I believe I have all the haunters listed below in chronological order, but am short some pics for
them all.
Now, for the explosion of crawlers.  Many of which I haven't tracked down pictures for or possibly mis-placed.

This so-called 'explosion' was due to having a Make and Take session at IronStock 2008 with 8 haunters
overall getting one.

Participants were:
Mazz (didn't make it, but wanted one anyway), Adam_I, Pat (revenant), Toby (haunt31), Mr. Bill of Mr. Bill's
Thrills and Hayride, Tony (Haunted Campers), Gary (king_of_halloween), and a somewhat nearby haunt
group in red shirts bought the demo one (forgot their haunt name)
Jim Wieme bought a crawler mechanism when I showed it off at IronStock 2007.
Believe there may be a couple more crawlers out there that I didn't supply the mechanism directly to,
but built their own from the web pages.
A foreword first, credit for mine came from seeing Dave in the Grave's version.  
While not radio controlled and using a single slower motor, his crawling
skeleton design spurred the idea to make a controllable RC crawler version.