Graveyard Flying Ghost
October 2009
Had this idea around for a few years, but just never got around to it.  Then I saw
Vilething's Bellicose and how his was done.  After a couple more years, decided to
put the sketches to life.

Mine, is a lighter version utilizing thin-wall PVC for the flying arm.  I also like to dig
holes in my yard (idea taken from on their axworthy setup).  I
use 1" galvanized pipe 18" long with a coupling on the end.  Concrete it in, and
put the dirt and grass back.  I use a 1" pvc cap cut down after the season to keep
it clean inside.
Setting up the flying is pretty easy.  Just thread it into the pipe coupling.  Remember to use Never-Seize on the threads to
keep the pipe from rusting to the coupling threads.
I used a 180 degree rotary actuator to swing the ghost left
and right.  My original design had another 90 degree
actuator above it, but with the starting degree of the pipe,
it would go past vertical.  So, used a 1-1/4" bore, 4"
stroke air cylinder instead.  It worked great!!!  Even
though the cylinder is dual port, using pressure back
down was too jerky, and re-plumbed it for gravity down.

Wrote a 1 minute program for the two air solenoids and
just looped that.