Having a skeleton that pops out of a coffin is
always a pretty cool thing.  Having room to store it
is something else though.

This Halloween 2005, I decided to build a half-coffin
that appears to be coming out of the ground.  This
saves on storage area too.
Here are the 3 outside connections:
1. The air line to a pressure regulator

2. The brown cord for plugging into
120 volts for the timers and solenoids

3. The green cord to plug in the remote
motion detector for triggering the prop
No staining yet, but you get the idea
Here shows the 2 air cylinders that will
make the coffin doors open up.  No
pneumatics for the skeleton added at
that time or lines to these 2 cylinders
Some close-up shots of the 1" bore x 3" stroke air cylinder
As you can see, 1-1/2" L brackets were used for the pivot
end of the cylinder and at the rod end.  Cheap, but so far
I did make my own rod end connector out of some
aluminum chunks.