This is my How To page on my undead skeleton horse halloween prop that I
built.  I was planning on a headless horseman for the rider, but that ended up
being a modified skeleton for the rider instead.
Page 2 "the initial look and assembly of the undead horse"
Page 3 "adding the final look and corpsing of the horse"
Page 4 "the added special effects"
Page 5 "the materials for building the horse"
Page 6 "the rider and its construction"
Page 7 "re-covering the horse with latex"
For Halloween 2004

Got the idea from an ebay auction that was selling a
fiberglass horse with headless horseman rider,
a really nice piece that will make a great addition for the person that buys it.  From
Mark's Monster
List, I did not see any project that encompassed both a full-sized horse and rider.

I decided to start with an undead  rearing skeleton horse first and trying to keep the build possible
for others to follow along, I decided to use PVC tubing for the body structure.  I thought about using
steel tubing (most likely would have been cheaper) but that makes changing ideas harder in the
build and not everyone has access to a welder/saw/grinders and I can always take back extra PVC
connectors if need be.

Hoping this project will inspire others as I have been inspired from their ideas and passed along
build reports.  The project ended up being a skeleton rider whose skull I could remove to make
him a headless horseman if I wanted.