Skeleton Warriors
A beginnings for an
Army of Darkness
As you can see, they started out as nice,
fun loving 6 foot tall foam skeletons from
Menards (a regional hardware store
similar to Lowes or Home Depot) until a
few modifications were given to them.
The shoulders were moved outward and re-glued into place.  The arms and legs
were pinned into place instead of just dangling by hooks.  Lastly, a few teeth were
removed and eye sockets given a more evil look and blackened more.
All we lack now are some
weapons to hunt down
good doers.
A simple stand made from some PVC pipe
and fittings.

The bottom 3 pieces of piping are just
pushed in without glue so they can be
removed for less storing space.

The vertical pipe stops at the base of the
skull with a zip tie around the neck to keep
the skeleton standing in place.

I did have to add a couple ground stakes to
keep the skeleton from wanting to tip over
in the wind.