First Set-up
The Initial Testing of the Left/Right Line
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So far (Dec 29th, 2004) I have the main left/right line up in the shop.  The pulleys are
only 18' apart, giving a run path around 16' or so.
Here is the drive wheel set-up on the west side of the shop.  At this time I was using a toggle
switch to run it.
I haven't decided on end of run stopping yet for this part as the ghost can get wrapped up
around the pulley at times.  I am using 50lb fishing line at this time.
The free wheel on the east side of the shop was made so it could take out any excess
slack on the line.  The pulley can be tightened manually with up to 6" of movement.
Temp pics until things get further along
Here is the ghost, a hardware store
plastic bag.
Flying towards you.
And away from you upon mouse over

It travels around 10 ft/sec.
Jan 2nd, 2005
A brake mechanism was added to the drive pulley so when the "end-of-run" switch is
tripped it would kill the motor and stop the pulley.
I didn't have any solenoid actuators laying around, so I built up
an elaborate pneumatic stopper with some spare parts I had
laying around to see how effective this would be.

The drive pulley stops on a dime when the end of run switch is
activated, but the inertia of the free pulley kept the line and
ghost traveling around a good foot or so.
When the electric pull solenoids come in, they will replace the above set-up on the drive
pulley and will add one to the free wheeling pulley to stop the ghost line.
I picked this one from

Its specs should provide the force needed to act as a pulley brake
and will make the set-up much easier than the above pneumatic one.
Nope, didn't work as well as I thought, so the air cylinder stayed.
I want the across line perfected first before adding the in/out line.  A possible mistake, but I
do/did have 301 days till Halloween at this report entry.