Bourno's How-To Build a Skelerector Page
Page 1 - Introduction Page
Page 2 - Front Bar Assemblies and Rotating Bar
Page 3 - Rear Bar Assembly
Page 4 - Lifting Bar and its Assembly
Page 5 - Base Frame
Page 6 - Putting all the pieces together
Page 7 - Pneumatics and the skeleton
Page 4 - Lifting Bar and its Assembly

(1) Lifting bar - 31" of 1" square tubing
(1) Attachment piece - 6-1/4" of 1" square tubing with a single 3/8" hole centered
5-3/4" from one end.
Lifting Bar Assembly Pictures
The attachment piece goes on 3-1/2" in from one
end of the 31" piece.  Weld these pieces together,
but not on the end as we need to add another piece
onto this assembly.

Again, you can see I substituted the 3/8" bushing
again for the standard hole.
Here we center the rotating bar piece we made
earlier and butt it to the end of the 6-1/4" tube.  
Square up these pieces and weld them together.
This is the right side up view when it gets assembled